The Nature Explore Classroom at
Cottonwood Enrichment Center

One of the ways that Cottonwood Enrichment Center has increased family awareness and encouraged involvement in the outdoor classroom this year is through the annual Days of Caring event.

This event invites parents and community members to come for a day and help trim, clean, repair and build. New and exciting things were built this year, such as a giant sandbox and a chicken coop. This coop was placed in the "Secret Garden" part of the outdoor area. The local Zen Hen group provided extensive training for all staff members and consulted on best practices for raising and sustaining chickens. Five hens provide fresh eggs that are shared with Enrichment Center and elementary school families. A unique "chicken tractor" allow feathered friends to freely visit other areas of the school campus.

An annual Open House highlights the classroom each year. The in-depth orientation includes a tour and an overview of ways families may become involved. Monthly parent meetings reach about 60-65 families.