The Nature Explore Classroom at
Only Quality Kids Childcare and Preschool



Quality Kids in Bellevue Nebraska is celebrating years of work that has successfully resulted in a variety of outdoor play and learning experiences for children in their certified Nature Explore Classroom.

Pre-school students may clearly choose from defined activity areas where they may discover, observe and interact within the natural world. A simple, traditional play space has been transformed into a magical world where children are free to examine plants and bugs, create nature art and dance and sing.

The Nature Explore playground is designed to promote physical, intellectual and emotional health by providing children with opportunities for sensory exploration, discovery, cooperation, interaction, imagination, relaxation, daydreaming and solitude. The outdoor playground space creates an extension of the indoor classroom, fostering critical thinking and inquiry learning.

Natural materials such as fallen logs, stepping stones, benches, trees, paths, plants and gardens are used to stimulate children not only to exercise, but to observe, explore and discover the wonders of nature right outside the classroom door. The Nature Art Area is always alive with students gathering around a specially designed table where they create works of art. There is ample space for jumping, running and gathering.

Family involvement brings many familiar elements from home into the classroom. The space has been filled with plantings taken from their own yards. Children are given the enjoyable task of watering and are able to watch the miracle of growth on a daily basis. They are also learning to identify weeds with the help of pictures, which in turn, helps keep little plants growing strong. By including a large assortment of trees, bushes and plants in many sizes, there are countless colors and smells that make this Nature Explore Classroom appealing year round.