The Nature Explore Classroom at Pinedale Children's Learning Center



Our Nature Explore classroom provides an amazing theater where the children can observe and appreciate our local wildlife. This never ceases to amaze!

Art Area

New adventures in our outdoor classroom this year include creating and hanging homemade bird feeders which we also watched the deer lick! Children helped create natural fishing poles by selecting small branches, tying on twine, and weaving wooden clothespins into the twine. They have enjoyed fishing for everything under the sun. Just recently, a group of children created the "spin trap" game, whereby they cast the line onto branches, watch it wrap around, declare what they're catching, then strategize about how to release the lines. Imagination galore!

An unexpected addition to our outdoor classroom came in the form of donated cedar bowls, mostly split in half. These bowl pieces have been used in many creative ways, including stirring and cooking pots, slope sleds, rocking chairs, puzzle pieces, hats, pillows and fidget tools.

Last, but not least, our trees have grown; leaves are enjoyed in all forms, all seasons.

Sarah Meisner, Sublette County Business Manager