The Nature Explore Classroom at

Schibel Teaching Farm and

Childcare Center

2nd Year Certification

This year, the following changes/improvements have been made to the Schibel Teaching Farm Nature Explore Classroom:

  • A mint bed was planted in the front yard behind the children's play house.
  • A wooden dragon ship was added to the Action Area.
  • The Music Area will be changed a little bit to incorporate metal barrels into the ground for the children to use as drums.

In order to keep the yards maintained, clean and tidy, the staff is participating in monthly Saturday work days. A parent, who is a landscaper, is offering his services to help keep the outdoor space looking beautiful. The children are involved each day in outdoor chores.

For continuing professional development, staff watched the Nature Explore Learning with Nature video. This DVD shows techniques for using outdoor classrooms as an integral part of children's daily learning. Footage from a variety of settings and stories from educators working in a variety of ages, help staff gain insight into ways to help children make deeper connections with the natural world and inspire a life-long sense of wonder.

Family involvement this year included:

  • A Spring work party
  • A Summer work party, where all families were invited to help and each family volunteers to help in one specific area. Lunch was served and a little treat at the end of the day. This serves as a really great way to involve families and to help children begin to understand why it's so important to take care of the outdoors.
  • Keeping families up to date on any activities that are going on in the community through The Environmental Center. This is a great way to get families involved.